Pinpoint data used in peer-reviewed research

Columbia University Professor and Pinpoint advisor Sandra Matz published research leveraging Pinpoint data in the prestigious Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, of the American Psychological Association. The article is titled "Personal Echo Chambers:...

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Personality predicts districted driving risk behaviors

Extraverted older adults and conscientious, curious teens may be more likely to engage in risky driving behavior, while agreeable teens are less likely to drive distracted, according to new research from the University of Birmingham Alabama. Read the article on the...

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Marketing’s challenge with the AI black box

From the Marketing AI Institute, "Marketers are beginning to understand AI’s promise: some machine learning technologies can help predict and prescribe marketing actions at scale, based only on your customer and user data. AI systems exist that can help you make...

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The science behind Psychometric AI

Advances in machine learning have made their way into the field of quantitative psychology, revealing new opportunities in behavioral predictive analytics. As academics in diverse fields collaborate to explore the potential for these innovations, a variety of academic...

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Personality research finds nice guys finish last

Cultural norms often teach the value that being nice will get you further in life than being mean. But when it comes to finances, new Columbia Business School research shows that people high in Agreeableness have worse financial financial outcomes – including lower...

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Money buys happiness when spending fits our personality

Decades of research have reported a surprisingly weak relationships between the consumption of material goods for oneself and happiness; rather, spending on experiences and on other people increases happiness more on average. However, recent findings suggest that...

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