Insurers Looking to Curb Rising Combined Ratios Amidst a Challenging 3rd Quarter

By Shannon Shallcross

In an announcement on Friday, Oct 21, 2022 in P&C Specialist, several top Property and Casualty insurance carriers have already indicated that Q3 losses are “painful.” The causes of these profit challenges are rising inflation, unfavorable underwriting environments in certain states, and catastrophe losses. 

As market challenges increase for all P&C carriers, more insurers reach out to Pinpoint to gain a competitive edge. There are two top reasons why these carriers find the time is right to engage Pinpoint:

  1. Pinpoint provides the earliest, most accurate predictions of risk that fall outside of their rating plan, enabling them to significantly improve loss ratios.
  2. Pinpoint offers compliant, data-driven tools to navigate unfavorable underwriting environments, from credit-constrained states such as California and Massachusetts to the litigation challenges in the Florida Homeowners insurance market.  

To address these challenges, carriers are leveraging the precision of Pinpoint’s risk prediction models to design their pre-underwriting and pre-renewal risk decision flow. This enables carriers and agents to prioritize the most profitable prospects while signaling that additional risk development is needed for prospects who display a high-risk likelihood. Additionally, since Pinpoint’s profitability predictions are available with as little information as a consumer’s name and address, proactive carriers engage Pinpoint to adopt a profitability focus on Marketing lead scoring. This ensures that they target their marketing to their most profitable customers while avoiding unprofitable risks that fall outside their rating plans.

In this increasingly competitive insurance environment where every carrier is affected equally by inflationary pressures and regulatory constraints, the highest-performing carriers are adopting innovative solutions to keep a proactive focus on profitability.

In a recent endorsement of Pinpoint, Bill O’Keefe, Head of Strategy for TigerRisk Partners stated, “We [TigerRisk] decided to partner with Pinpoint for a number of reasons, but chief among them was we believe what Pinpoint brings to the table is truly unique and a distinct competitive advantage that can be offered to our clients.” He goes on to say, “The ability to then micro-segment clients and truly understand who the insureds are at the very beginning of the funnel is extremely unique and something that can provide the competitive advantage that our clients need.”

Pinpoint is a solution that has been purpose-built for the P&C insurance industry to deliver the earliest and most accurate risk insights for property, auto, and small business for profitable growth and existing portfolio management. Routinely recognized by the industry for innovation and impact, their team has deep insurance industry leadership experience and Silicon Valley DNA. They deliver the most forward-thinking solutions to carriers looking to make a 3 to 5-point loss ratio improvement in their books of business.

For more information on the latest strategies to manage profitability with Pinpoint’s earliest and most accurate risk predictions, reach out to the Pinpoint Predictive team at