Why it is Crucial for P&C Insurers to Act Now Among Pressing Insurance Challenges

P&C insurance leaders are constantly faced with the challenges of growth, profitability, keeping up with rate changes and modernizing legacy systems. These challenges have become even more severe in the current environment of unprecedented inflation, large-tail weather events, strict regulations and increasing woes of their customers.

Pinpoint’s quick to deploy automated solution carriers need to implement now.

Now more than ever, Pinpoint is an essential strategy to help carriers balance the needs of serving policyholders and their communities with the financial realities of running a profitable business. 

Pinpoint Predictive offers insurance carriers a lifeline that empowers them to make intelligent decisions about customers and prospects.

With just a name and address, Pinpoint delivers the earliest, most accurate loss predictions and risk scores to P&C insurers. 

Unlike traditional risk prediction methods (zip code, credit scores, etc.), Pinpoint looks at individual behavioral data (powered by deep learning) which can be deployed into your insurance processes immediately. While there are always multiple competing priorities, the real question in today’s environment is…

“Can you afford NOT to use Pinpoint?”

Validate Pinpoint’s Predictions with our Proof of Value (POV) in 30 days or less.

Pinpoint generates custom predictions that you can validate with our fully automated platform – streamlined to meet your urgent business needs. At the end of the POV, you can deploy Pinpoint predictions and scores into your business to unlock value immediately. You will experience the predictive power of Pinpoint predictions in >30 days!

Discovery & Scoping – Proof of Value (POV) – Commercial Implementation

Minimal Resource Commitment POV Stakeholders (3-4 team members)

The leader of the project is usually involved in the POV Kickoff and Executive Business Review: Time Commitment: 1-2 hours

The primary point of contact during POV and Commercial Implementation: Time Commitment: 3-5 hours

Experts who validate predictive power and financial impact: Time Commitment: 7-10 hours

The operational lead based on where you will implement Pinpoint: Time Commitment: 3-5 hours

Resource and Time Commitment Breakdown


Estimated Hours: 2-3: Initial business alignment and data file/upload to OnPoint – POV KICKOFF

Estimated Hours: 1-2: Analyze Pinpoint’s early insights – MIDPOINT REVIEW

Estimated Hours: 3-5: Testing model performance, measuring lift and evaluation of impact of loss ratio  – CUSTOMER POV VALIDATION

Estimated Hours: 1: Inputs in commercial implementation plan – EXECUTIVE BUSINESS REVIEW


Estimated Hours: 1: Initial business alignment and kickoff discussion – POV KICKOFF

Estimated Hours: 1: View midway results with Pinpoint – MIDPOINT REVIEW

Estimated Hours: 1-2: Evaluation of impact of loss ratio – CUSTOMER POV VALIDATION

Estimated Hours: 1 Discuss commercial implementation and next steps – EXECUTIVE BUSINESS REVIEW

Note that Executive Sponsor will be involved for 1-2 hours specifically at POV Kickoff and Executive Business Review

Pinpoint has been helping P&C insurers grow equitably and profitably in this hard market.

If your organization is experiencing challenges of growth and profitability, Pinpoint can be an optimal and immediately deployable lever you can use in your business operations today to cope with the rapid changes in the insurance industry.

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