Nicohle Schluender joins Pinpoint as Head of Marketing

Pinpoint Predictive, the leading tool for leveraging behavioral economics for unmatched top-of-funnel risk selection, is pleased to announce that Nicohle Schluender has joined their team as Head of Marketing. In this role, Ms. Schluender will oversee Pinpoint’s marketing and branding efforts and shape messaging in the marketplace that will help expand Pinpoint’s impact on the P&C Insurance industry.

Ms. Schluender comes with deep expertise in product and growth marketing, having spent the last 10 years in senior marketing roles within Financial Services.   She has a Master of Business Administration degree from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from the University of Maryland Global Campus, earned while serving in the U.S. Army.

“Nicohle brings the right mix of brand marketing, product marketing and growth marketing to amplify Pinpoint’s already growing place in the insurance industry,” said Scott Ham, CEO of Pinpoint. “We are accelerating our growth and Nicohle helps to round out an exceptional, and growing, leadership team.”

“It is a marketer’s dream to join an organization like Pinpoint: the team is brilliant, and the data science and engineering behind turning behavioral data and analytics into irreplicable risk insight and prediction is fascinating.” Ms Schluender remarked. “I am thrilled for the opportunity to join Pinpoint Predictive at this time, when they are already adding material value to clients, and the path to explosive growth is before us.”

About Pinpoint Predictive

Pinpoint predictive uses deep learning AI and proprietary behavioral analytics data and modeling to predict risk prior to eligibility or renewal decisions. With the ability to quickly create customized, turnkey models, Pinpoint enables carriers to compliantly use data and analytics to materially improve loss ratios and increase LTV. Pinpoint can create propensity models, or to add lift to existing propensity models, to better predict the risk associated with litigation, premium leakage, SIU referral, cancellation, and claims loss.  This Individualized Intelligence has uncovered over $100M in yearly savings for Top 10 home, auto, and small-business insurers.