Pinpoint Predictive and Glacier Auto Insurance Announce New Partnership

Pinpoint Predictive and Glacier Insurance Company are pleased to announce a new partnership. Glacier will leverage Pinpoint’s top-of-funnel predictions, enabling the insurer to streamline better experiences for incoming customers.

This partnership positions Glacier well with respect to the key recommendation of a December 6th AM Best special report. Considering that, “throughout the first nine months of 2022, personal auto liability and physical damage loss ratios deteriorated,” AM Best advised that insurers leverage innovative technologies to reach their profitability targets. This partnership enables Glacier to make more accurate, earlier, and faster loss predictions than previously possible. In addition, Pinpoint allows Glacier’s agents to streamline their service, providing greater convenience for the great majority of new customers, while focusing additional attention on the small percentage of individuals that would otherwise have an outsized impact on the policyholder group.

Pinpoint’s clients are solving profitability challenges with the earliest, and most accurate loss and risk predictions. Pinpoint allows insurers to know, even before an application is submitted if a customer will fit into their risk and profitability tolerances – closing the gap between the best behavioral predictions in the world and the current state of the insurance industry, all while maintaining the highest standards in privacy safeguards and regulatory compliance.

Full press release available here.