Shannon Shallcross joins Pinpoint Predictive as Head of Client Services

Pinpoint Predictive, a leading data analytics insurtech, is pleased to announce that Shannon Shallcross has joined their team as Head of Client Services. In this role, she will work with clients to leverage the predictive risk propensity scores developed through Pinpoint’s proprietary data and powerful deep learning, and to quantify the resulting material savings and loss ratio improvement for client organizations.

Ms. Shallcross has advised numerous Fortune 500 clients on developing and applying data analytics strategy to improve profitability. Previously, she was the Co-Founder and CEO of BetaXAnalytics, a data science company that uses artificial intelligence to uncover  actionable and transparent data insights for providers, payers and employers. Prior to this, Shallcross spent 12 years running branch sales and service operations across the country for Amica Insurance, a $5 billion insurance company. A TEDx speaker, Shallcross serves as an appointee for the State of Rhode Island’s HIE Advisory Commission which oversees technology that connects data across providers throughout the State. She has a Master of Science degree in Insurance Management from Boston University.

Pinpoint Predictive brings individualized intelligence to insurers to improve their LTV, risk selection, and loss ratios, prior to eligibility and renewal decisions and “Shannon’s extensive experience in leading data science initiatives and her depth of operational leadership in the Property and Casualty insurance industry make her a perfect fit to partner with our clients to harness the predictive power of deep learning and behavioral economics”, according to CEO Scott Ham. “To be able to bring someone with Shannon’s expertise and market credibility is a huge step forward for Pinpoint and truly builds on our best in class leadership team.” Ham said.

“P&C insurers are at the forefront of a new horizon of harnessing more sophisticated types of behavioral data that have predictive power that far outperform traditional loss, fraud, cancellation and litigation prediction models at the very outset of a consumer’s journey. I am excited that Pinpoint is leading this data revolution in insurance, and the bench strength of their team and the innovation of their methods have already translated to hundreds of millions in dollar savings for clients. Pinpoint is changing the landscape of how insurance companies translate their data strategy directly to loss ratio improvement, and I could not be more happy to partner with their team to bring their clients extraordinary value,” remarked Shallcross

About Pinpoint Predictive

Pinpoint Predictive brings individualized intelligence to insurers improving LTV and loss ratios through unmatched risk selection capabilities prior to eligibility and renewal decisions. The company provides custom behavioral propensity scores and explainable analytics, which leverage the latest in privacy-safe data enrichment, AI, and behavioral economics. Pinpoint’s platform has unlocked over $100M in yearly savings for Top 10 home, auto, and small-business insurers, by enabling them to surpass baseline predictions for claims