The First Deep-Learning-Powered Prediction of Individual Customer Profitability Available at Top-of-Funnel

Pinpoint Predictive announced today the release of the first deep-learning-powered, top-of-funnel individual customer profitability and loss prediction available commercially. Providing claims frequency, severity, and loss cost predictions, this new solution brings the earliest, and most accurate, profitability predictions into the hands of Property and Casualty insurers.

By focusing the solution on the top-of-funnel, and prior to filed rating, underwriting, or any outcome determination, Pinpoint provides insurers with unprecedented flexibility in creating relevant customer journeys to better manage their book of business. The Pinpoint Loss Prediction solution joins Pinpoint’s Risk Scores, which insurers are using to predict an individual’s likelihood for litigation, SIU referral, early cancellation, or premium leakage. Both products are available for risk selection at top-of-funnel and pre-renewal.

Pinpoint is currently working with home, auto, and small-business insurers to deploy data-driven, micro-segment strategies to unlock tens to hundreds of millions in yearly savings. Sample implementations include growth initiatives (e.g., lead scoring and prioritization, book-roll profitability analysis, and comp raters), customer journey orchestration based on micro-segmentation, and profitability-driven renewal strategies.

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